This 8 Things Change Your Way Of Writing

  1. Are you new blogger so you must read this article because this article help you how to write better content for blog and other writing stuff.


I am not good writer, i am not doing before , i am bad at writing , whatever english weak. Even my english is weak but then i write good post and best roi i can do it easily then why are you not. So First you need to kill your all type of excuses because your excuses create fear about your well writing skill and that is not fair for you

Only One mantra to achieve anything in life which is Practice…..Practice……. Practice….


First you believe in yourself and don’t think about what people think about my copy…just stop that..


Stop copying other writing style develop your own style and writing in your tone.Because are you better than that and might be in future are you famous for this writing tone and after people are copying your style.


Do you understand the conversation between two dogs ?? no…

Same here. You write which way that your audience will understand what you say. So you select your audience and you write for your audience because your audience is everything for you and your audience will be happy then you will double happy means money…..


Why are you writing this? You writing anything but why are you writing ….first clear about that and after you deep research that particular thing and then you write about that, and clear message for your audience. After read your post Your Reader Should Not Be Confused.


Whatever you writing , first your audience will understand this, otherwise you lose your audience and after this will affect your site first thing you write in easy understandable language so all type people easily understand your article.because end of the game your audience is your all …thats all..


Use story.

People like to consume content in story form. You tell the story in your blog, video blog, your readers will spend more time on your site. And you also add empathy, emotion in your post because we are all human beings..


your audience will not understand what you say. so you will not be able to sell anything. So you write post accordingly your target audience. And use right and easy language not use confusing words..


I am good at this..I am good at that..I am ..iam..what a fuck !!! Hey.. where are you..alright. you use more words in your blog ‘me’ I am secret, I am all , I am first done this, many more…stop doing this silly mistake..instead of using me you must use ‘you’ I am here because of you..) because your blog traffic , sales, money it’s all depend on your audience..

This 4 Tool will help you for better writing..

Click on Photo…..👇👇👇


After you write a post, you read the entire post and if you do not understand it, then you must rewrite your post. Because you can not understand your own post then, how will anyone understand?

You have more grammar mistakes so you can use grammarly is enough for beginners.


There are bunch of strategies and techniques for better writing…

You learn all the strategies and tricks for better writing but you don’t implement any strategy in your post then You will not get the result.

So first rule is you start writing..write..write.. because practice makes man perfect…start today..good luck..

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