Pinterest Marketing : 5 Super Easy Step To Grow Fast [2020]


Pinterest is a branch of social media platforms. Here you can upload visual content and Pinterest has very informative and helpful content and all those are in amazing visual, so Pinterest is awesome. Here you have to create a pin for photo upload and then select it with the board, a little structure is different, so let’s understand.


You have a blog and if you want to bring more traffic to your blog, then the Pinterest will be the right platform for you and even if you have an online e-commerce store then you should sign up on Pinterest.

You have to sign up with a business account, This will allow you to connect your site with Pinterest, And you will be able to analyze the entire your Pinterest account traffic like how much traffic you get, and how many people click your website link, How many impressions gain your post?


The process of uploading content on Pinterest is slightly different. So first create a board for your content segment so whenever you upload photos then you choose a board for content segmentation.and after a click on create a pin for upload content.

How to create a board ?? look at this below photos

You can invite people to join your board which means you can able to make a group board on Pinterest and then you upload content on Pinterest so then there are more chances to get more traffic on your photos, site, e-commerce.


You have to choose the right category from which you are interested in. So whenever you open Pinterest you can see photos of your choose category and you can interact with it. (Like it, save in your board) and here ‘give more gave more ‘ formula works, because you like & save other people post then he notices you and after they come back to your account and like your post..means you gain traffic on your board from a niche audience.


You have a blog or e-commerce business and any kind of online business / offline business so you have to must integrate your site on your Pinterest account, because visitors come to your account and then possibility is there he becomes interested in your product and your blog, so that your prospect just on one click and go to your webpage, your blog, Here you will gain traffic on your blog and you will also sell your product.its good for you.

But How to I integrate my site with Pinterest?

This video will help you for that….

Click on the link: How to Easily Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest


You have done all the basic thing create boards, choosing a category, integrate site and so on….now this time to a building following on your account.

1. follow account who match your expertise after like that account pin (pin= photo) (like only on desktop) save pin in your board.

2. most people forget this but it’s more effective than paid ads and that is a comment, you like post then comment it, it’s not only comment but its healthy communication between two people…

3. Do not forget to add a hashtag and keyword. your competitor account and what strategy they use then you try this strategy on your Pinterest account.

5. You can promote your Pinterest account on other social media platforms. Share your post on other platforms, Run paid ads. can also run Pinterest paid ads.. it’s costly but more effective than doing other ads.


You have to use hashtags with your content as you do on Instagram. Same work here like Instagram, Pinterest and user will be easy to identify your content, You can use a hashtag on your pin, board and promoted content, it brings you get more traffic to your pin.start use hashtags, because it gives you more traffic means more audience more chances to sales.


You have to enter your keyword in the bio, PIN, board, board description of your Pinterest you provide digital marketing service and you made this account for digital marketing purposes then you should use “digital marketing’ this keyword in your bio, pin, board description and board,

because of your pin ranks on your keyword basis so then more chances are you get your niche audience on your Pinterest account, and this small action gives you big result.


Canva is the best free tool to create unique Pinterest size photo, so start today. Create photo and on your Pinterest account click on create a pin and then select board…done photo uploaded.

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