Instagram User Never Lose Your 3 Things Must You Know

instagram is booming now, because in 2019 Instagram will surpass 111 million users ( according to statista report), and Instagram is popular for photos and ig video, mostly Instagram user is between 18–29 years old , and 18–24 age people are most active.

You need an easy, fast and secure strategy because you need speed in 2019but also with security so this 3 easy super strategy, will help to get a lot of traffic to your business.

This blog will help you how to implement these 3 easy steps and make the business grow faster easily.


First you decide what is your target audience and then start Instagram, otherwise, you wasting your time here, for example, you have build a product for purpose old age (age 40 -50) and you want to promote that product on social media so that’s good, social media platform is good for us? because Instagram gives easy likes and statista report says will be after 2019 Instagram has 111 million users, and so on and so on…..

but the strategy you have chosen is incorrect, because Instagram user base is between age 18–29 and mostly active user 18- 24 years old youth and your product for mainly 40- 50 old age person then Instagram is not a better choice for you, I do not say its not works, its work but you don’t have to get much result..

1. first you decide your audience ( whats is your goal and what you want from Instagram)

2. define their age must be age between 18–29 for best result

3. what’s their location, ( for location-based business )

4. what’re their likes — dislikes, means what is their interest of the people who you are targeting.

Right…but it’s very difficult to know them, and it takes a long time…its easy man. start now daily posting on Instagram then you analyze how many likes, comment, save gave in each and every post…

for example, suppose you are a big fan of Shahrukh khan (Bollywood actor) and you have an online e-commerce store for man clothing So what do you have to do here.

You just post photos and videos of Shahrukh khan with the proper hashtagand choose the proper location according to your business.

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After you get some likes and comments on your photo, then you have to start analyzing your likes and comment, so then here you got your target audience but you need to more analysis, go your audience account and check their bio,photos, age, check their likes-dislikes and most important their location and Have to check that too is real or fake account. its basic man you can do easily.


You have done the first task but not the last, so when you analyze your audience then after you need to know about your competitor.because their target audience is the same as yours
so then in the future, it can damage your business

What is the engagement rate on competitor Instagram page?
But how to know engagement rate? This tool will help you check instagram engagement rate only on one click — phlanx

1. How many comments on their account and do they respond to all comment? (also You look at yourself)

2. What hashtags do they use Because of which they get more engagement?? analyze their hashtag

3. Which type of content do they upload? you should also check out what marketing strategy they are using on content.

It keeps you updated and will help you stay ahead of your competition.

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ig video is booming now, you can get easily more reach on your video, so start uploading the video on ig tv, simply record video and upload on ig tv, okay,

but i am doing online cloth selling then what should I do? ( any type of selling business or e-commerce) simple you try to upload good photos of your products and try some Instagram e-commerce tool for better performance, do paid ads, use Instagram story.

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And you start Instagram for building a personal brand so then you start record daily 1 video and upload on ig tv and Instagram feed, daily 1–3 photos upload, start Instagram story, and start to communicate with people on Instagram via Instagram live and also commenting post, chatting.

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