How to Get More Engagement On Instagram Story 2019 -

How to get more engagement on instagram story

Instagram Story has become a very good tool for Social Media Marketing and Personal Branding.So we talk now about some statistics  of instagram story so that you can understand well.

>> one third of the users are watching story and the average watchtime on stories is 28 minute by every user.research show 20% of stories are posted by business for direct interact to consumer.

>> if you have over  10k followers on instagram then you are eligible to share your link on swipe up button and you can send traffic on your link (site, youtube, affiliate link, buy link )

>> You can connect with your consumer, Fan, Follower by using Instagram Live, which is part of a instagram story. Instagram Live will increase your popularity & authenticity.This is all about saying that you can sell more..more sell more cash..

>> It takes a little of time to create a story.More engagement in less 50% of business using instagram story to get more sell.

Here are the top six tip for more views on story


People always eager to watch who interesting,new and some creative. you have to make your story interesting and can also add emoji, gif , ask question, and eye catchy colour combination.your creativity is always win.

how do i make more creative and interesting story or post?

This post will help you how to create more attractive story…

Link here:

Use location

There are 2 ways to search for Particular  Story, and Post on Instagram.instagram location story and instagram hashtag story.

In this post, we will discuss about  fact of Instagram Location Stories and how to use it and how to get more benefit.

Any location that you’ve added to the story and your user will search a particular location then it will see your story.

Benefits of use location stories..

>> a location based business get more advantages of location stories

>> suppose you have a restaurant in “delhi” location.

>> if someone add your resaturant location in instagram story , you get more eyeballs in your restaurant, because people search this perticular location and get their restaurant stories,pic,videos, so you have more possibilities to have more opportunities in your business.

>> or if you have travel agency then you get more benefits using location stories.

>> finally you must use location in your instagram story and post..

But how to add location in instagram story??

This video for better understanding for you…

just click & hold on “your story” after you click on “add to your story”just click on above smiley sticker and select location sticker!!

how to use location..

3)use hashtag

Most of people not use hashtag in your story.I know these days instagram algorithem  more prefer quality content but you also know instagram is hashtag based platform.

You can use Upto 20- 27 hashtags in your story.and you also use hashtag sticker because its more engaging.your followers see your hashtag and click on after that go to particular subject of hashtag.

How to use hashtag?

How to hide hashtag

But how to hashtags in story dont be panic..this video will help better understand.

just click & hold on “your story” after you click on “add to your story”just click on ” Aa ”

use hashtag upto 20-25 in every story!!!

Best Free hashtag generator link:

4) mention

Whenever you share someone’s post in your Instagram Story, do not forget to @mention them. This will increase your online representation.

just click & hold on “your story” after you click on “add to your story” just click on above smiley sticker on story and mention..

use instagram @mention..

5) Go Live

Instagram live is best way to connect with your followers.

Benefits of Instagram live !!!

Increase engagement:

On instagram live.When you give the answer to the question of your follower, definitely your engagement will increase. And your branding is also done.

When you use Instagram Live, your online visibility will increase.then People will follow you and follow your point.

When your audience watch your instagram live through story then your relation will deeper.

Right vishal, but I have no idea how to start instagram live??

Dont worry this screeshot will say all about instagram live..!!!

just click & hold on “your story” after you click on “add to your story” and finally go live…