Hashtags On Pinterest Is Good Or Bad ?

Are you confused about using hashtags on pinterest ??

Pinterest officially announced you can able to use #tags

Really Hashtags Work !!!

Pinterest is fully graphic and keyword based platform not hashtag.( Instagram is hashtag based platform but now they focus on more quality content ) but you definitely take hashtags on pinterest but more focus on keyword and best graphics.

For your Knowledge Follow this step…

1.open pinterest and click any of the images

2.look at downside of photo & click this sign

Then you see the pinterest find the match keywords and graphics for your query not match hashtags, so that’s the point boss.

How many hashtag & where ??

Pinterest allowed to use upto 20 hashtag on your pin, but the main question is how many hashtags are on pinterest is better for good engagement,

Don’t use all 20 hashtag because its look like spammy.

You can use between 2–8 hashtag on pinterest not above because not worthy, according to louisem report, louisem is an expert in social media marketing field,You can also check louisem site for deeply knowledge about pinterest.

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but where I place my hashtag on pinterest ??

You can add hashtag on your pin description.first select on create pin and after select photo, add title, write description after add hashtags, and attach your webpage link.

But Some people make this silly mistake that they put out all #tags on first paragraph of description. That ridiculous because first 140 letter of description is shown with your photo,that’s ridiculous.it looks like spammy. Don’t Do that.

Pinterest pin description allowed 500 words, write something about your photo/content and end of the description add up to 2–5 hashtags..that’s looking real engaging post.

And attach your own tag (like — my profile name talkwithpandya then i add my own #talkwithpandya attach) because its your personal branding so whenever people are search your hashtag then show your photos.

Do I add hashtags on old pin?

Yes, you can..but it won’t help anything because its convert your old pin in into new pin. So there are chances to you lose your rankings.

Go to your pin after click on edit then add hashtags on bottom of pin description.Done.save pin on board…

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